Returning to Witches Night Bazaar on Friday, September 13th. Full vendor form. Thanks to @thepentaclepath & @hedgewitchholistics for having me back.
“The Witches Night Bazaar is a semi-annual event, bringing together a curated selection of fine artists and local merchants specializing in jewelry, fine art, herbalism, self-care, and esoteric wares. The Bazaar also hosts tarot readers, metaphysical workers, body artists, musical performances and a selection of local cuisine. A communal ritual ensues at midnight.”

Had an excellent commission to do art & design for @odditiesfleamarket. For this one I utilized various photos from projects taken over the last few months. Including bones from @iamthedestroyer personal collection. Also going back to my origins manipulating late 19th century portraiture. Thanks to @ryanmatthewcohn & @reginamariecohn for the opportunity. Really looking forward to meeting you both in the flesh.

The T-shirt will be available in Chicago @stanmansion for their first event in that city.

I will be there in full vendor form both days August 24th and 25th (three weeks away). Pre-sale admission tickets are on sale now but running low. Make haste.